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Layout Plan


The Lodge is on a rural feeder line wherein the electricity supply can be very erratic with power-cuts and voltage fluctuations. Silent Generators deliver complete back up in the mornings and evenings. Solar lamps and torches (flashlights) and candles are provided in all the rooms. There are a number of 5 Amp/220V plug points available in the rooms for charging laptops, camera batteries etc.


Independent air-conditioning units in the rooms/cottages.


Independent oil-fin radiators in the rooms/cottages.


There is running hot and cold water with hot water geysers installed in all bathrooms. The water source at present is deep bore wells at 440ft. Although showers are available in all the bathrooms, bucket baths are recommended as an average shower utilizes over 100 litres of water, whereas bucket baths consume no more than 20 litres.

Library and sitting room in the Mela Kothi

Guests are welcome to use the library, sitting room and seating areas/verandahs of the main house. The Lodge endeavours to provide a warm, friendly and welcoming environment, where guests are encouraged to relax and feel at home.


The wifi is located in the office next to the fire-pit and dining rooms. It is complimentary, but can be painfully erratic and slow.

Village Walks & Nature Walks

Short walks from the Chambal Safari Lodge are an opportunity to explore an entirely different world. The village of Jarar is an interesting mix of the old and the new and the surrounding countryside teaming with birdlife amid scenes of rural activity. The locals are friendly and completely untouched by tourism and take great pride in showing visitors around.

Resident Naturalists & Checklists

The resident naturalists are available to guide morning and evening rambles through the lodge grounds and adjoining fields. Detailed checklists are provided to all guests and the naturalists help ‘tick’ off the many species seen at the lodge and elsewhere in the Chambal valley.

Our Operating Season

1st October to 30th April

We close operations by choice to enable the microenvironment in and around the lodge to regenerate and revive afresh to welcome visitors old and new.


The daytime temperatures vary a great deal, but it is usually warm in the sun. The temperatures dip around mid-December with the onset of morning and evening fog and the days and nights remain quite cold till the end of January.

The temperature ranges between:

  • Day: 25-35 °C, Night: 15-20 °C October, November, February and March
  • Day: 15-24 °C, Night: 4-10 °C December and January
  • Day: 25-35 °C, Night: 15-25 °C April

Clothing and Equipment

All weather walking shoes, jackets and hats are recommended.


65 km SE of Agra, a comfortable 1.5 hours drive from the Taj Mahal.

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